In Her Shoes: Elevate - Reskilling In Specialized Technology

IN HER SHOES: Elevate - Reskilling in Specialized Technology

In Her Shoes: Elevate Reskilling in Specialized Technology is a certification program for employment-ready women (cis and trans) and gender-diverse individuals who are ready to upgrade their technology skills to secure immediate employment in various sectors that require advanced technological expertise within their workforce.  

This program is in the developmental stages, set to launch summer 2021. We need to know what you're looking for to create a program that effectively matches job-seekers with the training ​and skills required for success which local employers are seeking.

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What is Rapid Reskilling and why do we need it?

This initiative was created to address the labour market shortage; employers don't have the skilled talent they need to scale and grow their companies, the competitive nature which job seekers are experiencing in securing employment.  
According to World Economic Forum, "More than 1 billion jobs, almost one-third of all jobs worldwide, are likely to be transformed by technology in the next decade... we need to reskill more than 1 billion people by 2030".  Additionally, "by 2022 – 42% of core skills required to perform existing jobs are expected to change."   

The pandemic has widened the gap of women contributing in the workplace as they are being splayed in caring responsibilities for their families, educating their young, supporting their parents, supporting their partners all at the sacrifice of their own careers.  The Feminist Shift sums it up nicely "We know that before the pandemic, women in Waterloo Region were more likely to be found working precariously in part-time and low-wage jobs, doing care work and that they represented a large number of the employees in some of the sectors hardest hit by the result of lockdowns."  This is why YW Kitchener-Waterloo In Her Shoes: Training and Employment Services has partnered with YWCAs across South and Eastern Ontario to provide reskilling for high demand jobs right here in Waterloo Region thanks to funding from FedDev.  

When women and gender-diverse people are trained for high-demand jobs, their employment opportunities expand, and that is good for the entire economy:  

Employers need specific skills in their talent pool
Job seekers can upskill​/ reskill their knowledge and gain specific skills
In Her Shoes will provide training from certifying institutes to ​(enhance the quality of candidates in our local talent pool and )fill jobs in demand in our region
The result is that job seekers can contribute to a stronger and dynamic innovation ecosystem, while employers can access the talent needed to grow their organizations. By investing in our existing workforce and engaging those who have been caretaking by providing additional skills, we can enhance a robust economy. 

We'll be announcing some exciting micro credentialing opportunities in Advanced Technology in the near future! 

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I may be interested in upgrading my skills to work in Specialized Technology as a participant

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For more information please contact:

Tanja Gancevich, Elevate - Rapid Reskilling Project